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King of Avalon mod apk is the world best game that cover the living style of kings in this game.
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If you want to see the king yourself. Moreover, if you want to see yourself as a ruler then you play king of avalon mod apk game. This game is design for those people who want to like the role of king. In this game, you live like a king. Moreover, you can give an order to your whole state. All the people of your state follow your orders.
As well as that, you are the king of download king of avalon mod apk games. Here you have a beautiful kingdom. You can easily make royal palaces for you and your Queens. All the people of the royal state follow the obedience of their king. Furthermore, you make your army that fights with the other state army and the people.
This game is develop by the century game limited. This company provides a royal state type of game for the user. We can’t see these types of games that are the develop By the other companies. After the success of king of avalon dragon warfare mod apk game company gets a lot of fame in the gaming industry. This compony develops many games because king of Avalon mod apk game gets a lot of fame.

Story of the game

King Arthur is famous for his bravery in the action. He was kill in the war. After his death, his body rests in the fortress on a sacred island of Avalon. Now he rests near his sword Excalibur. As well as that, at this time a new king was chosen for the kingdom. king of avalon mod apk 2022 takes place and selects as a new king of a kingdom.
After the death of the king, the kingdom divided into small cities. Because there is no royal man that was select as a king for the people. Every king wants to spread his kingdom. And he also wants to handle the other royal cities. That is why wars occur to save the king of avalon mod apk android 1 kingdom from the other anime kings.

We offer to play this game that is best from the other games. I am sure when you play this game you forget the other games. This is the best game of at that time. Million of the people this game. Its user rise day by day. First, this game get fame due to its interesting graphics that are the realisable for the every mobile phone.

King of Avalon Dominion MOD APK v12.7.0

Mod Features

Unlimited Gold

As well as that, everyone thought he had a lot of gold which made him rich than the other people. If we talk about the king of avalon mod apk unlimited gold 2022. This gold is use for the help of the kingdom’s people. Now you can also get all the gold of King Avalon and use it easily. You can also make an army and give them gold as a reward.

A lot of Food

Moreover, if you have a large army in king of avalon mod apk 2022 game then you need a lot of food to feed them. Without food, they can’t survive and they can’t fight with their enemies. Because they have no power to fight due to the lack of food. The best way to collect the food is to farm to produce a large amount of food. The other best and easiest way is to attack the nearby tomb and get their whole food.

Collect Silver

You can collect a lot of silver in king of avalon mod apk unlimited everything game. These silver are use as rewards in your army to battle people. You can buy new weapons with these silvers. Furthermore, you can easily buy royal places for yourself in this game. You can do everything that you want in this game.

Dragon mod

The best weapon that we can find is in this game. Moreover, you can use the dragon as a weapon. First, you train the dragon as you like. The dragon spread out the fire from its mouth. This weapon is very useful at the time of war in the king of avalon mod apk 10.6 0 games.

War everywhere

As well as that, this game is develop on the base of the royal kingdom, which is why you can face war every time. Sometimes you can try to snatch the food, gold, silvers, and weapons from your other enemies. Most of the time you can build the war to hold off the other royal state.

Multi people chat

Furthermore, the interesting feature of multiplayer is available in this game. When you play the game you can easily text to the other body that is with you in this game. Millions of people can send texts to each other at the same time when they play this game.
Other Features
Build your empire
Unlocked mods
No adds
3D Graph


Can we live like a royal king?

Yes, when you play this game you can feel you are the real king.

Can we build an empire?

Yes, you can easily build an empire as you like.

Is this game online?

You can play this game both online and offline.

Are all the mods working?

Yes, you can use them for free.


This game is specially built for those people who love to live royally. You can do everything that a king does in real life. This game looks real. As well as that, this game is design in a royal living style. You can also easily build for you royal empire for yourself. All the people of your state give respect to you and obey your orders.


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