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FM whatsapp Apk is the latest version of whatsapp but many features are provided by this app and original whatsapp is not required
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Whatsapp is the most popular chatting app. A lot of the websites that provide you with the latest versions of whatsapp. when you install the apk then you install or download the latest versions of apps.. You can also imagine the popularity of whatsapp that 1.5 billion people are active on whatsapp every month. So now the latest versions of FM whatsapp Apk 2023 are available on the internet and have many new features that are not in the original whatsapp. Lots of people are using this app for its unlimited features.

FM whatsapp Apk is the latest version of whatsapp but many features are provided by this app and original whatsapp is not required. Many features are common like sending messages. Creating groups and audio and video calls. But many new features are also provided by this app that the original whatsapp is not available. The developers see the popularity of whatsapp and develop many other versions of whatsapp on the internet. In these, all versions of 2023 FMwhatsapp Apk have more features.

This app is famous for its strange features that attract users. When you use this app then you show that many feathers are more interesting. Users always want more massaging whatsapp. This app is also provided features that customized options for making better use of this app

How to use FMwhatsapp Apk

Dwnload FM whatsapp Apk is an app that uses more features than the original WhatsApp. This app provides the user with a lot of features that the original whatsapp can’t provide therefore the users prefer the FMwhatsapp Apk download 2023. This app has a customized option if you want any option to make it more interesting with its different purpose. When you install this app you must use this app like the original whatsapp because some features are the same but some features are advanced in the FMwhatsapp Apk latest version 2023.

You can send messages to single persons as well as many friends at a time. You just need to select a team or group of your friends and then send a message to the friends. With this app, you can create a conference call in which you can invite many friends. If you don’t want to talk to any friends then you hide the process when you read and blue ticks as well as you can hide your previous message and also hides status for some people. If you want any fantastic chatting app then you download FMWhatsapp 2023 Apk

Amazing Features

Many features are the same as fm whatsapp apk download 2022 and the original whatsapp sanding massage. Create groups audio, videos call with friends but many latest features are provided FMwhatsapp Apk latest version 2023 download.

Hide last seen

If you want, don’t talk to anyone and you are afraid that they saw that you check his last seen. Now you don’t worry if you use fm whatsapp apk download new version because this app provides you with features that you can freeze or hide your last seen. This feature enables you to hide your last seen but others are not to do this with you.

Choose who can call you

Sometimes you are very tired and don’t want to attend to calls from anyone. Or someone in this condition FMwhatsapp provides you a feature that you can also choose who can call you and who can’t. This feature of this app is very nice. Because it helps you when you are very tired or busy and someone disturbs you with calls then you use this feature and block this one on the calls.

Anti-ban app

Whatsapp fm apk download is the most popular app due to its fantastic features and a very popular feature of this app is that this app is never banned. Many apps are banned when you misuse them. But this app is not banned because it is very easy to use and work. You can use this app unlimited without any worry. You can also easily create your account on fm whatsapp 8.95 apk download and use this app.

Recover deleted messages and status

It is the main feature of FMwhatsapp 2023. Sometimes we delete our important files, messages, and any status that we can’t see again. But this app also provides this feature in which you can recover your deleted messages or status and you can see them again as well if it is not for you. If your friend sends you a message by mistake and deletes it immediately you can also see this message. This feature makes you very laugh with your friends.

Customization options

Many options and features of the original version of whatsapp and fm whatsapp 8.86 apk are the same but the users are bored with the same things on whatsapp. Therefore this app provides you with feature customization options. With these features, you can customize your whatsapp characteristics like font, and size, and change your chat and conservation colour whatever you like. This feature makes this app more interesting for users.

Massage without saving Number

In the original whatsapp, you can not message or call unless the phone number is safe. But FMwhatsapp provides you the ability to massage or call any number that is not safe in your phone contacts. You don’t need to save any number of messages on this app. This feature is useful for those people who have not saved the number in their contact list or forget to save a number.

Easy to install FMwhatsapp Apk

The developers are designing this app that everyone can easily install on their devices. This app is designed especially for android devices. To install this app you must first download the APK then you download FMwhatsapp from the APK. In this website you can freely download this app. When you search for this app then click on the icon of this app then the app will start to install. After installing you must create your account on the app and start to enjoy a lot of its features.


Does this app secure our data?

Yes, FMwhatsapp keeps secure and safe our mobile data and contacts. It is a very secure and useful app.

Can we download this app for free?

Yes, we can download this app for free from the website APK. On this website, you can get all the features of this app.

Last words

At this time lots of chatting and connecting apps are available on the google but whatsapp is the most popular app of all one them. But now developers are developing many versions of the original whatsapp. The most popular version is FMwhatsapp Apk. In this app, you can get a lot of features that the original whatsapp does not provide the user. You can customize options, you can change the font color and size or your conversions. As well as you can hide your last messages, blue ticks, and your previous status. The main feature of this app is that you can choose who can call you if you want anyone doesn’t call you then you block them. If you want to use best connecting app then you download FMwhatsapp.

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